MSL Insights: On Evaluating a Career as a Medical Science Liaison

We really like this excellent article on Evaluating a Career as a Medical Science Liaison, How to Best Prepare for KOLs, and Managing the Variety Each Day, from Sharoni Billik at SBHC. An excerpt:

“What are strategies for dealing with a KOL that seems to either be uninterested or rushed?

I just go with it…my goal is always to make the situation comfortable so we can have a productive conversation…so I try to discover what might pique their interest and go from there. Asking them an open question (where the answer is not a simple "yes" or "no") can lead to the KOL talking about their interests and concerns. I’ve slowed down my pace and speech, to see if it slows them down…sometimes yes! I’ve talked fast and mentioned the 1 or 2 most salient points and reason for my presence…then wait to see the response or questions that may arise.”

Here’s the full article:

Nice work, Sharoni and Viorela!

Announcing our Partnership with LPW Training Services

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