A few weeks ago, one of our customers asked if kernel could collect insights at a medical congress. They were preparing for the American Academy of Neurology (AAN) annual meeting in Vancouver, B.C. and needed a better way to identify and share insights with stakeholders.

Our customer had these objectives: a) identify new studies and presentations that were relevant to their medical strategy and therapeutic areas, b) present company research and ask for audience feedback, and c) assess unmet needs, partnership opportunities and emerging science.

We gladly explained that kernel can analyze insights across external sources:

  1. Healthcare practitioners
  2. IDNs and payers
  3. Patient advocates
  4. Medical congresses

To address the needs of our Medical Affairs customers, we designed kernel to be flexible so you can add or edit topics and questions in minutes. For example, you can create a topic for "AAN 2016" and any scientific sessions with no IT resources necessary. For each session, you may also specify your questions:

  • Is the session relevant to our medical strategy?
  • What are your top three takeaways?
  • What are the implications for the company?

During the session, your MSLs can answer these questions on a laptop, iPad or iPhone. Since their feedback is available instantly, your teams can view medical congress insights and trends in real-time, whether traveling or in the office.

"For each scientific session, our team captured the impact to our medical strategy together with the presentation data. The same day, we were able to analyze the data and identify regional issues and trends involving the clinical environment, patient pathways and treatment approaches."

-- a director of MSL operations, New York

In addition, you may easily download graphics as images, Adobe PDF, and Microsoft Word documents for creating presentations. This lets your teams compose daily reports to share with your stakeholders.

We designed kernel to help you identify insights and trends across external sources, including medical conferences. However, this is only the beginning as we continue to improve our application further. So when we share potential new features with you, it comes from a sincere desire for your feedback. Our goal is to build a valuable application that you love.