As you may know, we develop kernel with the participation of our Medical Affairs customers. One customer request is to view the collective feedback of thought leaders at a specific institution. We're glad to announce that on July 10, we released Institution Profiles to help MSL leaders and teams answer these questions:

1. What is the collective feedback from Stanford Medical Center?

Starting now, Institution Profiles will display the number of interactions, field insights and trending topics at your institutions, in real-time.

For MSL leaders, this profile helps you compare the collective feedback from one institution with another institution, so you can better assess your scientific objectives and strategies. For MSLs, this information helps you understand recent feedback from thought leaders at an institution, so you can effectively prepare for upcoming meetings.

2. Do we have the optimal coverage at Stanford Medical Center?

Institution Profiles will also display the number of thought leaders, number of MSLs, time spent and other valuable data at your institutions, in real-time.

For MSL leaders, this profile enables you compare your MSL coverage at one institution with others, so you can optimize coverage across institutions. It also allows you to view your team's activity in comparison with a previous time period, so you can assess whether your field activity is on track.

Collectively, Institution Profiles help you drive the right strategies for your organization and demonstrate the value of Medical Affairs. To access a profile, simply visit kernel and view results on your laptop, iPad or smartphone. 

If you'd like to see a live demo, just let us know.