As you may know, we develop kernel with the participation of our Medical Affairs customers. A common request has been for more flexibility in building charts and graphs. We're glad to announce that today, we released CSV file download capabilities for managers with administrative privileges.
This new capability helps managers answer this question: how can I create custom charts and graphs using data in kernel?
Starting now, you may download the entire dataset associated with a topic -- including Poll Questions, Answers, Field Insights, More Details and Surveys -- as a CSV file.
This enables you to create custom charts in Excel. As an example, you can use CSV files to develop charts which display longitudinal feedback from a subset of HCPs, Institutions, MSLs or regions. You can also develop charts which compare multiple data points such as HCP perceptions and MSL interactions over time.
This new ability to download CSV files gives you more flexibility to create the right charts and graphs and share medical insights with your stakeholders. To download your data as a CSV file, simply select a topic in kernel and tap the "cloud" icon.

If you'd like a demo of our new CSV files capability, just let us know.