As you may know, we develop kernel with the participation of our Medical Affairs customers. One customer request is to view the historical feedback of a thought leader. Today, we released Contact Profiles to help MSLs and managers answer this question:

What is the historical feedback from a thought leader?

Starting now, Contact Profiles will display the number of interactions, interaction history and field insights from a thought leader, in real-time.

For MSLs, this helps you prepare for an upcoming interaction by reviewing the historical feedback and related details from a thought leader. For managers, this helps you assess the longitudinal feedback from your thought leaders, so you can effectively onboard new MSLs and guide current MSLs in their upcoming interactions.

Collectively, Contact Profiles help you drive the right strategies for your organization and demonstrate the value of Medical Affairs. To access a profile, simply visit kernel and view results on your laptop, iPad or smartphone.

If you'd like a demo of Contact Profiles, just let us know.