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Save Time on Medical Congress Reports

An important task for MSL teams is attending Medical Congresses and sharing impactful information with leadership. MSLs meet with key opinion leaders, gain competitive intelligence, attend scientific sessions, and gather other insights relevant to the medical strategy.

After the congress, the team analyzes the insights and creates a report to present internally. Depending on how the insights are collected, creating this report can take days or even weeks! Keep reading to learn how to make Medical Congress reports less painful.

Collecting insights at Medical Congresses

How does an MSL team collect insights at medical congresses? It depends on the team. Here are some ways MSL teams typically collect insights:

  • Email free-text insights to a team lead

  • Record insights in an Excel sheet on a shared drive (like SharePoint)

  • Fill out a paper questionnaire

  • Use an internal chat tool (like Slack)

  • Use a dedicated tool (like kernel)

Collating Medical Congress insights

A medical congress is a whirlwind of meetings, talks, and presentations. Sometimes, hundreds of insights can be collected in just a few days. The MSL team needs to analyze the insights and create a simple, convenient report so Medical leaders can plan appropriate actions.

Imagine collating 100’s of insights from different emails. You would need to open each email to read the insight, then copy and paste into Excel to get the insights in one spot. If using a chat tool, you would have to read the chat log and collate the insights in Excel. This can mean hours of manual work just to collate the insights. Note this doesn’t include analyzing trends and patterns!

easy medical congress reports

Benefits of using kernel for Medical Congress Reporting

The medical congress reporting feature in kernel can help overcome these challenges. Here are features to help MSL teams save time collecting, analyzing and reporting medical congress insights:

  1. One tool to collect all insights

  2. Insights are collected in one spot

  3. Automatic graphing of multiple choice questions

  4. Email reminders to report insights

  5. Download reports in editable Word .docx formats

  6. Email congress summary reports

  7. Archive the insights reports for future access

Video showing how to use kernel for Medical Congress reports

Check out this video on how to use kernel to collect information at Medical Congresses and create reports. It can be a valuable time saver! Download the Creating Medical Congress Reports in kernel white paper.


Medical congresses represent important opportunities for collecting insights that are relevant to a Medical Strategy. Reporting these insights internally is key. If they aren’t reported in a timely fashion, the organization can miss an important opportunity to benefit HCPs and patients.

kernel for Medical Congress reports can save MSL teams time by:

  • Making it easy to collect insights at congresses

  • Storing the insights in one place

  • Helping to identify patterns and trends

  • Easily creating congress reports in hours, not weeks

Save time on your next Medical Congress report! To try kernel for free, get in touch.